Michelle Johnson Will Moderate the Health Robotics Panel

Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson is the moderator for the Field Robotics panel at 4:30pm on Saturday, September 25th at #werobot. The panel will feature the following papers:

Somebody That I Used to Know: The Risks of Personalizing Robots for Dementia Care by Alyssa KubotaMaryam Pourebadi, Sharon BanhSoyon Kim, and Laurel D. Riek

Diverse Patient Perspectives on the Role of AI and Big Data in Healthcare
Kelly BergstrandJess FindleyChristopher RobertsonMarv Slepian, and Andrew Woods

Prescribing Exploitation
Charlotte Tschider

Her research is centered in the area of robot-mediated rehabilitation. She is focused on the investigation and rehabilitation of dysfunction due to aging, neural disease, and neural injury. In particular, she is interested in 1) exploring the relationships between brain plasticity and behavioral/motor control changes after robot-assisted interventions; 2) quantifying motor impairment and motor control of the upper limb in real world tasks such as drinking; and 3) defining the methods to maintain therapeutic effectiveness while administering local and remote, robot-mediated interventions.

She directs the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. This is a new Lab within the Department of Physical, Medicine, and Rehabilitation in the School of Medicine. The Rehabilitation Robotics Lab mission is to use robotics, rehabilitation, and neuroscience techniques to translate research findings into the development of assistive and therapeutic rehabilitation robots capable of functioning in real-world rehabilitation environments. Michelle and the Lab’s goal is to improve the quality of life and function on activities of daily living (ADLs) of their target population in supervised or under-supervised settings.