Meg Mitchell Will Lead Discussion on Understanding Consumer Contracts with Computational Language Models

Meg Mitchell

Meg Mitchell will discuss Predicting Consumer Contracts at 1:30pm on Saturday, September 25th at #werobot.

Meg Mitchell’s research primarily involves vision-language and grounded language generation, focusing on how to evolve artificial intelligence towards positive goals. This includes research on helping computers to communicate based on what they can process, as well as projects to create assistive and clinical technology from the state of the art in AI. Her work combines computer vision, natural language processing, social media, many statistical methods, and insights from cognitive science.

Before founding Ethical AI and co-founding ML Fairness at Google Research, she was a founding member of Microsoft Research’s “Cognition” group, focused on advancing artificial intelligence, and a researcher in Microsoft Research’s Natural Language Processing group.She was a postdoctoral researcher at The Johns Hopkins University Center of Excellence, where she focused on structured prediction, semantic role labeling, and sentiment analysis, working under Benjamin Van Durme. Before that, she was a postgraduate (PhD) student in the natural language generation (NLG) group at the University of Aberdeen, where she focused on how to naturally refer to visible, everyday objects. I primarily worked with Kees van Deemter and Ehud Reiter.

In 2008, she received a Master’s in Computational Linguistics at the University of Washington, studying under Emily Bender and Fei Xia. From 2005 to 2012, she worked on and off at the Center for Spoken Language Understanding, part of OHSU, in Portland, Oregon. She worked on technology that leverages syntactic and phonetic characteristics to aid those with neurological disorders.