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Hollywood Media Corp is an Actuator Sponsor of We Robot 2014


Hollywood Media Corp is continuing its support of We Robot 2014 this year as an Actuator level sponsor. Hollywood Media Corp. consists of various businesses focusing on online ticket sales, deriving revenue from Broadway, Off-Broadway and London’s West End ticket sales to individuals and groups, as well as advertising and book development license fees and royalties. We are very appreciative and grateful for their continued support.

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Sponsors are Important at We Robot

The We Robot Conference relies on financial support to fund its conference each year. Your firm or organization can play a significant role in making We Robot possible — and will receive strategic recognition for its important contributions.

There are four Sponsorship levels for We Robot 2014: Positronic Brain ($25,000); Actuators ($15,000); Processors ($5,000); and Sensors ($1,000).

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Discussants Are Important at We Robot

Discussants play a special role at We Robot because we organize the presentation of scholarly papers in an unusual way.

For the single-paper presentations (as opposed to panels on a theme), we do not ask the authors to present their own papers. Instead, we select an expert, whether scholar or practitioner, and ask him or her to do the initial summary presentation, and also to offer an appreciation and critique of the paper. The author or authors then reply to the discussant’s comments. All that takes about 15 minutes. Then we open the floor to comments and questions. Papers are available to all attendees in advance of the conference, so discussions can get pretty lively.

If you know of someone who you’d like to see involved in We Robot, or you would like to be a discussant yourself, use the same portal we use for submission of abstracts of proposed presentations and works-in-progress.

Don’t forget that if you are submitting an abstract you can also volunteer to be a discussant just by checking a box on your submission form; in past years we have gotten far more paper proposals than we could accept, but some of the people whose papers we would have liked to take, but could not, did great work as discussants.

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