Sinziana Gutiu on “Sex Robots and Roboticization of Consent”

One Response to Sinziana Gutiu on “Sex Robots and Roboticization of Consent”

  1. Justareader January 10, 2013 at 3:06 am #

    Watched the panel video and read the paper and thought it was interesting tho misguided. Your insistence that sexrobots would be damaging to our society due to their lack of ability to “give consent” anthropomorphizes what are essentially large sextoys beyond all reason and you draw a lot of unfounded conclusions using anecdotal evidence such as youtube comments and from completely unrelated industries such as human pornography and prostitution which have next to nothing to do with robotics, personal or otherwise. It really feels like you were grasping at straws here due to a lack of actual hard data and filled the blanks with your personal feelings which made for a fluffy inconsequential piece that came across more as anti-technology fear mongering than pro-consent progressivism.