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hacked by GHoST61

hacked by GHoST61 bize her yer TRABZON :*

hacked by GHoST61 - bize her yer TRABZON :*
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We Robot 2014 Papers Proposals Deadline is Nov. 4

Remember, the official deadline for paper proposals for We Robot 2014 is tomorrow – Nov. 4, 2013.

We’ll count anything in by midnight US east coast time as having made it in by deadline.

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We Robot 2014 — April 4-5 2014 in Coral Gables

Visit the We Robot 2014 web page for more information.

Click here to go to We Robot 2014

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2013 We Robot Confrence at Stanford

Stanford Law School hosted the 2013 We Robot Conference.


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We Robot Videos Available

Full videos of We Robot 2012 are now available in the 2012 Video Archive. We intend to have podcast-ready audio-only versions soon.

Podcast-ready MP3s are also available in the same archive.

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We Robot 2012 Videos Will Be Online Soon

Videos of We Robot 2012 should be ready and uploaded in about a week. Check back for further information.

Meanwhile, here are some mini-videos shot by the UM Law staff during the conference.

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Important Links

Shortcuts to important We Robot 2012 conference information:

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Announcing ‘Birds of a Feather’ Sessions for Saturday Dinner

We are covering a lot of ground at We Robot 2012. But the potential topics of exploration are even broader. We invite participants to propose and sign up to attend Saturday evening “birds of a feather” (BoF) sessions over dinner. Want to talk drones and privacy? Driverless cars? Something else entirely? Propose a session in comments to this entry. We’ll also have signup sheets at the conference on Saturday.

Here are some suggested restaurants in Coconut Grove (near the main conference hotel) at which you could plan to meet. Conference staff will be available to help with reservations once we have some idea of the level of interest.

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We Robot Program Announced

The proposals for We Robot 2012 exceeded all our expectations in both number and quality, which has allowed us to put together a very exciting event. Registration is now open.

In order to accommodate more presenters we’ve made some small alterations to the format: In addition to the planned presentations we’ve grouped sets of papers that seemed to have common themes into two panels: Social issues in Robotics, and Military Robots. Here’s the tentative schedule [UPDATE–Please note that amendments to the schedule are not reflected in this post; for the latest schedule information please see the actual Program]:

We Robot 2012: Setting the Agenda
April 21–22, 2012
University of Miami School of Law

Saturday, April 21st

Registration and Breakfast

Vice Dean Patrick O. Gudridge, University of Miami School of Law

Introductory Remarks
A. Michael Froomkin
, Program Chair

How Should The Law Think About Robots?
Neil Richards & William Smart
Discussant: Annemarie Bridy


Liquid Robotics
Suneil Thomas


Confronting Automated Law Enforcement
Lisa Shay, Gregory Conti, Woodrow Hartzog, John Nelson & Dominic Larkin
Discussant: Mary Anne Franks


Regulation of Liability For Risks of Physical Injury From “Sophisticated Robots”
F. Patrick Hubbard
Discussant: Samir Chopra


Panel Presentation: Social Issues in Robotics
Moderator: Ryan Calo

  • Extending Legal Rights to Robots Based on Anthromorphism, Kate Darling
  • Sex Robots and Roboticization of Consent, Sinziana Gutiu
  • We Robot: Setting Up The Legal And Social Framework for “Robocalisation”, Olivier Lecomte & Francois Xavier Albouy
  • Liar Liar Pants on Fire! Examining the Constitutionality of Enhanced Robo-Interrogation, Kristen Thomasen

To be held in Student Lounge & Courtyard

End of First Day

Sunday, April 22nd

Registration and Breakfast

Machine Agency
Josh Storrs Hall
Discussant: Peter Asaro


Micro Aerial Vehicles: Opportunity Or Liability
Amir Rahmani


Delegation, Relinquishment and Responsibility: The Prospect of Robot Experts
Ian Kerr & Jason Millar
Discussant: A. Michael Froomkin


Lunch-time break-out: The Future of We Robot
A. Michael Froomkin
& Committee of the Whole

Work-in-Progress Presentation: Open Roboethics: Establishing an Online Community for Accelerated Policy and Design Change
Ajung Moon, Ergun Calisgan, Fiorella Operto, Gianmarco Veruggio & H.F. Machiel Van der Loos


Panel Presentation: Military Robotics
Moderator: Bernard H. Oxman

  • When Machines Kill: Criminal Responsibility for International Crimes Committed by Lethal Autonomous Robots, Oren Gross
  • Asleep at the Switch? How Mechanical Mercenaries Might Re-Program International Humanitarian Legal Norms, Ian Kerr & Katie Szilagyi
  • The Intersection: The Rules of War and The Use of Unarmed, Remotely Operated, and Autonomous Robotics Systems Platform and Weapons… Some Cautions, Richard O’Meara
  • The Dehumanization of International Humanitarian Law: Independently Operating Weapon System and Modern Armed Conflict, Markus Wagner

Final Remarks

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