Time to Start Reading We Robot Papers!

All of the We Robot 2016 papers are now available for download from the Program Page — look for the colorful hyperlinks. If you’re coming, or if you are planning to follow along online, you will want to read as many of the papers as you can before the event. We Robot authors do not present their papers; instead we jump straight to the discussant, who summarizes the paper and then offers comments. The author(s) respond briefly, and then we turn it over to our amazing attendees for their questions and reactions. This makes for a much more substantive session, but it works better if you’ve read the paper in advance.

UPDATED: If you would prefer to download the papers all at once, here’s a zip file with all of the papers.
Second Update (3/28): There’s a new draft of the Asaro paper on the Program page, and in the zip file above.
Third Update (3/29): New draft of Gilbert-Zallone article.

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